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I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.

Mary Ellen Walton
12 September 1984
me. thats about all. you know me, i'm just like everybody else! Well, kinda. If by everybody else you mean all the morris dancing, contra dancing fandom sluts with difficulty deciding on sexual orientation, and big crushes on Sean Bean, Susan Werner, and Richard Schiff. So not so much normal, I guess.

This journal is almost entirely RL stuff, but I do get sucked into photoshop every so often for a week or two, and you'll see some fic, but not very often, mostly 'cause I'm lazy and bored.

my AIM is ylime135642. Talk to me! I'm very friendly. And just a little bit pathetic.

Any time you want to use punctuation, that'd be love.

crediting: yay!
I've downloaded and use brushes and textures and stocks and things from:
absolute trouble
they are godlike and wonderful.
3 in three, aaron sorkin, abby sciuto, agatha christie, alexis denisof, apples to apples, baldwin, barachois, bear wrestling, being an emp, ben miles, bill staines, bing crosby, black adder, bobby mcferrin, brave combo, buddy holly, buffy, carbohydrates, carmen sandiego, cary grant, catherine zeta-jones, charlie young, chocolate, contra dancing, country music, crappy pop culture, crooked still, crossovers, crybaby, csi, damian lewis, dan hagman, dancing, david tennant, doctor who, dorks, douglas adams, drabbles, drop dead fred, earth2, eating, eddie from ohio, ella fitzgerald, ellis paul, emily dickinson, fantasy, firefly, folk music, food, fresh bread, gene kelly, gilmore girls, glider, gypsy jones, house, india, indigo girls, jack davenport, james purefoy, jayne's hat, john tams, johnny depp, joss whedon, kate rusby, keep, kitten poker, l.m. montgomery, laura ingalls wilder, local foods, louisa may alcott, madurai, mark morris, masterpiece theater/bbc miniserieses, mellors, miranda otto, monarch of the glen, morris dancing, naveen andrews, nightengale, oberlin, old b, old movies, osca, osing, ot3s, our lady peace, paul bettany, peter gallagher, popcorn behavior, portuguese muffins, rapper dancing, red dwarf, red sox, religion, richard armitage, richard sharpe, rock n roll contras, sacred harp, schrodinger's cat, sean bean, silver bay, slash, sleep, stan rogers, standing in stillwater, susan cooper, susan werner, swing dancing, the beatles, the bfg, the daily show, the folk song army, the johnson girls, the manhattan transfer, the toast liberation army, the west wing, toby/donna, tom lehrer, trivial pursuit, uncon pairings, unitarian universalism, vending machine stickers, waltzing, water skiing, wayward youths, will bailey, willow, wink, woody guthrie, yruu, zydeco