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Mar. 7th, 2007

Well, I know when you go to India you're supposed to get sick. But you're supposed to get sick to your stomach. I didn't seem to get the memo, as I am fairly miserable, but with a ridiculous head cold. Seriously, a head cold. Its the hot season, and its India, comeon. But I shall persevere.

some things I love and don't love about being here:
+ there's a fabulous ad on tv with butterflies digitally added to a wedding scene. Lots of the ads are much longer than on American tv, and at first I thought this one was a music video. Also, they seem to love digital effects in ads.
+ last night Serenity was on hbo here. Also, the history channel here plays 'historical' movies as well as documentaries like at home
- the other night I was watching Sharpe's Battle on the history channel (!), when it went to commercials like normal, but when it came back, it was an entirely different show, something about dogfights in the Korean war. humph.
+ I really like the way the light looks here. here's a picture I took to illustrate a littleCollapse )
+ all the students we have had are really fantastic. The boys at the boys home are adorable, and the teachers for whom we did an English course gave us cucumbers and little figurines and dressed us up in Saris so we could learn how to wear them.
+ getting to know Erin better is great
- Erin being the only one here I can lean on (I'm not very good at leaning on anyone anyway) and being with her almost all the time is a little wearing.
+ I like being able to be barefoot. Pretty much whenever I want.
- I miss home a little, and am sad I won't be able to go to Neffa, and all that kind of sadness.

- I HATE fans. I think it probably had to do with my head being all stuffed up, but I can't stand having that kind of direct air on my face. I also really dislike a/c, always have. On the other hand, its crazy hot in the midday, and its only going to get hotter while I'm here.

And there are always plenty of other things, of course, but I'm pretty tired, and can't really think of them.

god, tv, and grammar

Well, maybe being here is going to be what makes me update more often. I certainly feel I have mnore of interest to say.
Today we went to church with one of the YMCA Secretaries. It was certainly an interesting experience, and it was interesting to meet more of the upper middle class and educated people of the city. I am finding it very hard to judge the makeup of the city, and know how much of what I see on the street is really the lives of everyone, or just the lower sorts. (wow, that phrase sounds very condescending, doesn't it?) The church was beautiful, and a nice walk from the YMCA. They had some fun song singing, but most of the hymns didn't seem to have much of any tune. And the sermon was sort of strange, probably just because I'm not part of their community. But it was all very comforting, and I am definitely hoping to go back.

We've not really started all of our programming yet, so we've been watching quite a lot of tv, which is actually very interesting. Almost all the announcers, if not Indian, seem to have American accents. The only exception I have found so far is televised football and cricket matches. There is a remarkable amount of American tv on here, and I do think it is a little silly that this is the first time in my life I have had HBO. But I haven't seen any bbc, except news, and no other tv. Lots of hindi movies, and lots of music videos.

I have a tutoring session tonight with the boys from the YMCA Boys Home (basically an orphanage) who are taking their government exams. They want help with their grammar, which I enjoy, but its been a long time since I've done it myself in school, and I only hope I do not teach them anything wrong. eep.

Really and Truly In Another Place

Well, I am here. I have been here, but this is my first chance at a computer. I got into Mumbai Tuesday night, then flew to Chennai Wednesday, then took an overnight train here to Madurai. And I am finally starting to settle in. I wish I understood the layout of the city better, and I feel very very dependent on others, but luckily the others have been very nice and helpful.
I was doing very well at not being homesick until I got to the computer and thought about who to email. Not that I have very much time. I am taking up too much of the office hére's time as it is.
In any case, I miss you all, and I wish I had enough time to read my whole friends page, but its been almost a whole week.
So I finished the cardigan I've been working on for nearly a year now, but it fits badly and is ugly and really needs to be taken apart and reworked. However, having just finished it and it taking, as mentioned, a crazy long time, I was frustrated and not in the mood to deal with it.

On the other hand, I had bought lots and lots more yarn than I ended up needing, so I decided to do something else with it, to ease my suffering. And a week later, tada! Green Gable.

Knit in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, some dark teal kind of color. I had about 2.5 skeins left, so I figured I would knit it in the small size and if it didn't fit, I would give it to someone else. Someone smaller.

And as predicted, I would enjoy it more if it were bigger, so I may end up shipping it to my sister to see if she likes it, but it does fit, and looks pretty decent. And it feels very satisfying. I really liked the pattern, and will certainly do it again, although probably bigger, maybe in the cotton fleece, and possibly with yo's for the raglan increases, because it seems like it would fit with the lacy pattern in front, and I didn't really like the asymmetry of the increases in the pattern.

several too many picturesCollapse )

I win at Candy

I've never made any kind of candy before (defined as something where you need to cook sugar syrup to a particular hardness stage and then do something to it) and frankly, it terrified me. So this is way exciting:

finished product

many more pictures, and description, under cut. yay!Collapse )

Jan. 12th, 2007

Kate Rusby is so utterly fantastic. Seriously.
today was nice. We went down to the new ICA, and saw the exhibit there, on vision and stuff. It was a nice exhibit, although certainly it had its fantastic parts and its meh bits. But I'd never really looked at the building before, either, and we walked around in the ridunculous weather for a bit.

Anyway, my parents have gone to a party, but the odds of my getting anything done tonight have gone down approximitely 95% when I just noticed that they're playing Band of Brothers on the History channel. Sigh.

I am so insanely psyched

I think I am going to Sri Lanka this winter.
Um, okay, all movies need to have chase scenes in canoes. Also, Cora Monro would be an amazing person to slash with Elizabeth Swann. And, there are no rhodedendrons around here.
Tomorrow I'll be 22, but it doesn't really feel like it matters. I won't be an adult until I figure myself out anyway.
The monarch butterflies started to come through on their way South about a week ago, and now they're flitting around all over the place.
Betcha didn't know about that holiday, eh? Well, go out and hack up your local patch of Japanese Knotwood in honor of the occasion. But don't mow it. And be sure you pick up all the little bitty pieces. And by no means throw it away before you let it sit in black plastic bags for a ginormous amount of time. Anyway, um, have fun. Or just pull out any Garlic Mustard you see, I guess.

And here is a recipe for Scripture CakeCollapse )